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New Hope Center Parking Lot

Y-12 National Security Complex
Oak Ridge, TN

Avisco’s scope of work for the New Hope Center Parking lot project
included the following

    • installation and maintenance of site controls, utilizing best management practices;

    • selective removal and recycling of existing site features (e.g., billboard and utility poles);

    • site excavation and grading;

    • transportation and disposal of excess soils at the Y-12 Landfill;

    • Installation of a dual 30″ diameter RCP culvert with case-in-place sloped-concrete headwall and endwall;

    • installation of rip rap swales and inlet/outlet protection;

    • installation of concrete light pole and ballard bases, concrete ductbanks, concrete hand-holes/underground enclosures, and grounding;

    • installation of pervious asphalt pavement with infiltration trenches/beds;

    • installation of stone base, asphalt pavement, pavement striping/markings, signage and bar gate;

    • installation of concrete sidewalks and curbing;

    • installation of light poles, LED fixtures and appurtenances, and overhead and underground lighting conductors;

    • installation of solar-power Smart Crosswalk(TM) Traffic Calming System, an in-roadway warning light system by LightGuard Systems(R), Inc.; and

    • final site restoration and stabilization.

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